Formatting a hard drive is a very simple and very important process to know how to execute efficiently. It is the process of erasing data from a hard drive.

Formatting a hard drive;

So firstly you can find your hard drive by accessing your file viewer and go to This PC. And you see all the drives on your computer.

You should be conversant with just going to the drive you want to format and just right-clicking and formatting the drive but it doesn’t work for all drives that way.

But of most devices formatting using the following steps below is more effective and safe.

  • Go to the Start-Up Menu and search for Format click on Create and format disk partition right way on the search results.
  • Now Identify the drive you would like to format and right-click on it, and select format
  • Next, feel free to rename or leave the volume level as it is and you can either make it NTFS (only works on the window) or exFAT ( work on both Windows and IOS).

  • You can choose to perform a quick format by checking the box or uncheck it in other to do a thorough clean up.

Now when you go back to your file viewer, you will see that that all data on the drive has been erased completely.

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