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In this post, I will be presenting to you the latest updates on SEO that could affect your search rank and could also boost your search rank.

Every year, Google makes a lot of algorithm changes that can majorly affect your search ranking. The only way you can be safe is if you are aware and understand google’s master plan then you will be able to take advantage of these changes.

Getting started;

Voice Search is the new Google it

A lot of people today, search for the information they need through voice chat and it increasingly becoming the most popular mode of search due to its convenience.

Also, it was stated that in the year 2017 alone, about 33 million people made use of the voice search.

So now you might e wondering how does the usual type of search different from a voice search?. Actually, if you observe very closely you will see that the voice search is always a question asked by a user who requires a more accurate and faster answer.

Usually, most voice search is local, therefore optimizing the Local SEO of your website will be very essential.

 Featured Snippets will still continue to rule

Featured snippets have been dominating on Google search and it seems like the chances of it changing are very low.

If you are wondering what a featured snippet is, it is a summary of an answer for a google search. It is displayed above both paid and organic ads. The summaries give the users the required answer without the user even clicking on the link.

Ahrefs confirms that featured benefits gauge more traffic than organic search results after conducting a study on 2 million featured benefits.

The significance of Influencer marketing will prevail

In as much as featured snippets will still continue to rule, Influencers marketing will also be dominating the marketing budgets of businesses. This is applicable to those run companies like fashion, e-commerce, lifestyle, travel, and beauty

The fact now is, most users seem to be overwhelmed with the constantly popping ads on their screens and they now search for legitimate information they can trust.

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Exactly when influencer marketing kicks in a piece of advice or review from influencers is a lot more convincing than the in-the-face slimy ads.

In fact,  49% of consumers depend on influencer recommendations. So what bonds Influencer marketing and SEO is that working with the prior helps you to increase traffic, alongside amplify your online reach and increase content reach.

You will find arguments against this, as there are marketers and companies who haven’t gauged as much ROI as they should have. But that is major because of the wrong selection of influencers and bad execution of the plan.

Google still loves videos (in fact a lot more than before).


It is 2020 and if you are not working on making videos, you are already missing out on a lot. Videos are likely to be the new king of content are most users prefer to watch videos instead of reading content.

62% of Google’s universal searches include videos and have a higher chance of showing up in search results rather than plain text. After all, there’s a reason why even corporate giants have infused videos in their digital marketing strategy.

You can start out by creating YouTube videos that support your existing content, products, and services. Digital rankings take time and there is no guarantee you will hit the first page but definitely you will enjoy a higher volume of traffic than before

Start with making YouTube content that supports your existing content and products of your business. Of course, there is no guarantee that you will land up on the first page, digital rankings take time. But yes, you will enjoy higher traffic rates than before and this is the strategy expert professional SEO companies are taking.

Quality and length determines your ranking

A Stats suggest that the average length of the top 10 results is at least 2000 words. Although the reader might lose interest in reading along the line due to how long your content is but google actually sees it as the more the words the more relevant ideas your content would have to offer to users.

But also bear in mind that your content should aim to comprehensively answer what the user is asking and at the same time, answer the main search query.

Lengthy contents also make increases your dwell time. This sends signals to Google that people are actually enjoying your content, later resulting in you building greater authority and naturally Google pulling up your ranks.

With the beginning of 2020 things will remain the same, while some will go into extinction. For instance, the financial snippets are still dominating the search industry, mobile and winning against web searches, and voice search replacing the traditional type search.

Well looks like, Google is a diehard believer of the age-old aphorism – Change is the only constant!

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