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We give the best tips and advice that help you solve issues in your windows computer operating.

We also deliver you with technical know-how posts to able you manipulate your windows operating system.

how to install fonts in windows 7

How To Install New Fonts To Your Windows 7

In this article, i’ll be discussing on how to install new fonts to your window 7 PC, within 2 minutes and you’ll be done with this. Have you seen a...
how to activating the sticky key

How to Activate/Deactivate Sticky Keys on Windows 7.

The sticky key is a Windows feature that enables the user to make use of the keyboard, more easily. Activating the sticky key can be done in two ways. Using...
Set Up Limited User Accounts in Windows 10.

How to Set Up Limited User Accounts in Windows 10

HOW TO CREATE A NEW USER LOCAL ACCOUNT WITH AND WITHOUT FULL ACCESS TO YOU COMPUTER (WINDOWS 10). To get started, go to the bottom right corner of your computer...

How to Use Picture Passwords in Windows 10

HOW TO USE A PICTURE PASSWORD ON YOUR WINDOWS 10 PC. A picture password is an alternative sign-in option in windows devices. If you are tired of the regular typing...

How to disable windows 10 lock screen

STEP BY STEP: DISABLE WINDOWS 10 LOCK SCREEN AND LOGIN PASSWORD Security is very important for PC users to prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to your personal stuff. It...